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Product Description

Zaggora’s signature leggings – the ones that started it all!

Our patent pending fabric helps your body burn more calories by helping you generate more body heat.

Key Targeting

Your hips, bum and thighs.

Key Product Features

Enhance your natural body temperature to warm you up in the areas you want to target most

Fit & Feel

• Snug, comfortable fit follows and flatters your body’s curves


Zaggora Hotwear was tested by ETScience based at the University of Southern California in the US between September 2012 and January 2013 and at The University of Brighton in the UK between September 2011 and August 2012. The line, which is made with our patent pending ThermoFit Technology, was shown to:

 • increase the metabolic rate during exercise by up to 18% vs. a standard garment when Zaggora clothing was worn for at least 30 minutes during exercise

 • be safe during high-intensity aerobic exercise since core body temperature did not exceed acceptable exercise-induced elevations 

Zaggora Hotwear has been extensively tested in both the US and UK for effectiveness and safety.

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I hear my fat crying as I wear the hot pants 5

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These hot pants are fantastic. I wear them pretty much as often as I can. I walk before work, and wear them and if I want to go for a walk in the evening, I wear them.... And I do this 4-5 days a week.
I haven't weighed myself nor measured (I forgot!) but after 3-4 weeks of wearing these and a balanced diet my bum is loads smaller, I can fit into those jeans I haven't been in for over a year, and gone down a dress size all over. They keep you warm when it's freezing outside and make you're skin loads softer. Love Love Love Zaggora Hot Pants, and am desperate for the smaller pair, so am fantically saving up for a pair. Oh and they are so simple to wash, just hand rinse them out! :) I am a very happy customer! :)

OMG! I'm melting!! 5

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I got these to help with my weight loss and inch loss struggle. I wear them 4 times a week to the gym. After around the time I finish my warm up I can feel the sweat moving between my skin and the fabric of the Hot Pants. By the end of the workout I am melting. Literally. They cover my butt, hips and come up way over my tummy button. I have only had them for 2 weeks and already they are reducing the areas I have struggled with for years. I wish I had discovered these years ago. I call them my 'scuba suit' as that is what they remind me of. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with bums, tums and thighs. I will be buying the capri length next. Well worth the money!

I need more items now! 5

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I am so impressed! I feel great and my skin feels great. I felt a diffrence after the first use with the HOTPANTS. I have a shirt on the way and am looking to buy the Jacket and Flares!

The best pair of workout pants you will ever need 5

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My experience with the paid of pants is FANTASTIC...!!!!
You will get warmed up almost instantaneously ...... and once u are warmed up.... you will have the drive to actively do your exercises.......

Usually i do not have the energy to exercise coz it takes too long to warm up..... and by the time i am warmed up i loose my stamina to continue..... but with Zaggora HOT PANTS...... it warms me up sooo quick that i have the drive to push myself to work out longer.......

As a result of that i have now upgraded from a size M to a size S..... targetting XS for the new 2.0 version soon....!!!!!!

So far i have recommended to 2 of my friends and they are loving the effect...!!!!

Hurry go grab one........ and you will love the results..........

Dont wait buy your's now - they really work !! 5

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I am unable to do lots of cardio, so to assist me loose weight when doing the gentle walks and house cleaning ... I bought the hot pants to help me in my goal to tone up and slim down. Even just wearing them doing the above I have noticed my thighs have got slimmer and feel more toned. Thank heavens for Zaggora!

Is it me, or pants? 3

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I got dropped a side over month. Pants fit nicely and are comfortable, but I feel it's me who does the job, not pants. I felt more motivated to excercise when I got them and actually spent 45-60 minutes in the gym every day.

Love These Pants 5

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I bought my sister a pair I'm buying my second smaller pair just love these pants. Refered several friends. The best part is they dont stick to you when taking them off.


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I love these. In fact, I just ordered my third pair and am buying the jacket for those cold mornings. The best workout investment I ever purchased.


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Amazing product 5

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I love my Hotpants they have helped me to reduce my "spare tyre" round my middle and also slim my hips without any effort at all. Just by wearing them under my normal clothes to work and at weekends and eating sensibly I have lost 1st 6lbs and dropped a dress size. I would thoroughly recommend Zaggora products.

Best ever 5

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I love my hot pants, I lost 10lb in about 6 weeks. I wore them every time I exercised or walked my dogs. Hips thighs and abdomen area all slimmed down. I would love it if they produced a pair that go higher up the body as my waistline could do with a bit of help.

My first day with Viva! 5

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At the yoga class I was glowing and sparkling in sweat ! The sweat continued dripping down my legs when I continued with my next belly dance class . I never encountered sweat on the floor of my feet when dancing. Viva is a Sweat Generator and a Sweat Burner!


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Shocked at the results 5

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I got my pair on Saturday-Wore them 8 hours Sat & Sun and then wore them for my 45 minute exercise class each day. By Tuesday, my dress work pants were loose. By Wednesday I was wearing a new pair of jeans that I had put aside because they were too tight to wear. Friday-the tight jeans are now loose and I am order a size M pair of hotpants because my L are getting too big. I have not changed my eating or anything else. TRUELY AMAZING FAST RESULTS.

Skeptic admits they work..... 4

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I work out a lot and I wear a heart rate monitor for all of my workouts. I can honestly say, with actual data to back it up, that I burn on average 15% more calories by wearing these pants (capris) during a workout. I wasn't as intrigued by the lost inches claim, because logic would tell you that the more sweat you produce, the more dehydrated you are and therefore the smaller you'd be. But actual calories burned, you can't dispute that.

CONS: They make a "swish" noise when you walk, so I wear them under other workout pants. They are liek wearing a wet suit, the material is the same. Because a massive amount of sweat is sitting tightly against your body for an extended period of time, sensitive skin (like mine) could experience some discomfort (i.e. rash)

Highly recommended 5

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I have lost 2kgs (approx 5lbs) in just 3 weeks. I have used them during my interval training which is only thrice a week and have lost so much weight. All my trousers have become loose. I just cant thank enough to the inventors!

Can't wait for my Hot Pants 2.0 3

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The Hot Pants have been out of stock. Received email that Hot Pants are back in stock but now 2.0 so have to wait until I can use by Groupon code! Soon I hope. Can't wait to try them after all the positive reviews I've read about.

These are the bomb! 5

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Cannot sing their praises enough. In my first week I lost 6 pounds wearing these. I love them and wear them all the time. If you truly want to lose inches and pounds...order these because they work. Period!

Looking Hot in my HotPants 5

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I absolutely love my HotPants! Even after reading all the reviews I was still skeptical until I tried them for myself. Not to be nasty but they leave you and your undergraments soaking wet that is a good thing more sweat=more inch loss!

My hot pants are wow 5

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Hello so i order my hot pants on the 1st and they came in the mail 13 days later. So these pants are amazing today was my first day wearing them. I wore them to the store only for 30 minz i can tell in 2weeks i will lose weight. i took them off when i came back becuase i plan on wearing them to the gym to night. When i took them off my legs were so soft. I will be writing an update and tracking my results if they work like the should i will post before and after pics. So far im in LOVE!!!!!

This Fitness Instructor Love them for classes! 5

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As a Fitness Instructor, I can see how the theory works, so I decided to put the hot pants to the test - WOW, they work! I sweat so much more in classes (it's a standing joke with my participants now when they see me soaked to the skin!); so much so that they are all buying them now - soon all my classes will be in them!!! The weight I want to lose after holidays is coming off, my legs looks so much better, skin is smoother and less bumps! I'm addicted to them!!! I just pop them in the shower with me after my classes to rinse them out; want to invest in the flares now!

Just got them, but do they make you sweat! 4

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I purchased the Capri Flares. Just wearing them around the house, I started to notice I was slipping on the hardwood. Sweat drips down your legs. So I put on socks. They got soaked! Pretty gross, but must be working! I agree they need an extra small. Mine are fine in the thighs but big in the tummy.


Posted by on
I just get my nude hot pants from this groupon voucher which saves me almost half!!!

I tried in in my evening exercise & it sweats alotssss!!!
& even my mum notice that my hips are abit smaller compare to a week ago...& i feel my pants abit loose as well!!
Im gonna try it evryday in my exercise to gt de result i want!!!
I hope Zaggora Hot pants can do more promo in groupon!! So thy'll gt thos ppl who have doubt in this pants for more market share!

All de best to me!!!

Need another pair. 5

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I love my hot Pants. I am trying to purchase 2 more black and they are still out if stock!! Help when can I buy more!!!!

I like them 5

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I wear them throughout the day to do housework, walking and exercising. They really do make you sweat , I have only worn them about 4 times now, so I am ready to take the challange to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

I like them 4

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I wish they came in extra small too.

I am a dress size 0 with big butt and tights. I have been using these pants for running about an hour twice a week for the past 3 weeks. Each time my tights are smaller the next day, which is great. But I have not seem any permanent results yet. Maybe it is because the small size is big for me.

I want a unitard of it! 4

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I have worn mine for two weeks and although it's not 2 pant sizes, my pants DEFINITELY fit better. I want a sleeveless/hot pants leotard! I do bike allot and the sweat running out of them is amazing. Looking forward to the results after week 4.
..........(please work on the unitard!)

Awesomeness 5

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I had my doubts. I workout 7 days a week and just am in a rut. Not losing anymore nor gaining. I only have about 15 lbs to go after having a baby 2 years ago. So I bought a pair. I must say that I am addicted to them. If I don't wear a pair to work out in then I feel like I am not sweating enough and not getting the most out of my workout. It has def slimmed my stomach, love handles and working on the outer and inner thighs... I LOVE HOT PANTS

Working so far 4

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A little background...Before purchasing the hotpants, I worked out fairly regularly (Cardio - 30 min., 5 times a week and strength training 3 times a week). I was a size 12 in jeans but could squeeze into a 10. Since wearing the hotpants for 2 weeks, my size 10 jeans fit a lot better. So I haven't dropped two sizes but the purchase has been worth it. I wear the hotpants underneath my regular workout clothes to reduce the noise and at the end of my workout, I am drenched with sweat.


Posted by on
I've only had my hot pants on 3x at gym and already lost inches from my thighs & waist. All my jeans, trousers etc are much looser around legs & waist and my hot pants are much roomier. Just going to order a paid of Capri in smaller size. The sweat produced is unbelievable, such a great product. Highly recommend and worth every penny!!!

Extremely happy.... 4

Posted by on
I'm not even talking about the sweat that is on me after a workout, but the increase in my running distance. I walk/run everyday 3 miles...more walk than run it used to be. Since I started wearing my hotpants, a week ago, my running time has increased dramatically and my time has decreased. Looks like I might have to add another mile so I have a harder workout. I love them so much I am going to order the capris for those colder morning runs.

Believer - repeat buyer 5

Posted by on
At first I wondered if the changes people accomplished was simply based upon an increase in exercise. Pretty simple to drop a few inches and pounds when - if you haven't regularly exercised and now you work out 3x a week. Yet, for me - I was already working out on a pretty regular basis I wondered if the pants would work and Zaggora has made me a believer.

For my work, I am required to maintain a weight standard that puts me at odds most of the time. I also struggle to make some of my uniforms fit in a flattering manner - yet, wearing the hot pants on a regular basis during exercise and while I sleep has slimmed down my hips and waist so my pants and skirts do not pull in the thighs and waist. My weight hasn't dropped but the inches have.

I will also say I am a repeat buyer because my hot pants are a bit roomy now and I now have a small size on its way! Thank you Zaggora for keeping me in "regulations."

Ok, so I didnt believe it... 4

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But they really work. I havent lost any weight but my waist as shrunk from a 29 to a 26.5 inches and my bum and thighs have gone from 41 to 39 inches in under two weeks. I wear mine when I run every other day, to bed at night (I bought two pairs), and when I'm just mooching around the house. I wanted to try them first for a while before I said anything but two weeks in and I'm recommending them to everyone I know. Only downside is that they are a little noisy when the fabric rubs together but a very small price to pay and anyway as your thighs get slimmer the noise is less :-)

Was this what I asked for...YES! 4

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I started out getting these to help me during Lent...but found out that these with Zumba...helped me stay in the Zen zone...with in 6 weeks I noticed that my pants where fitting a little on the roomy side...the first time I wore them...I thought I peed my pants...lol...but combined with working out...it was helped with all the hard work I was doing...would I recommend these to friends...family...and strangers...YES!...I bought the flare as well...and since mid February lost 15 lbs...gone down a dress size...and 2 pant sizes...

Just unbelievable... 5

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I was as skeptical as many others...I looked at them several times before I finally bought a pair thinking "c'mon, how good can they be?". Well, they are beyond my wildest expectations! I spend at least 1/2 hour on the treadmill most days and by the time I am finished, the sweat is literally dripping from underneath these miracle pants down the back of my legs! And then when I peel them off, OMG, I am absolutely soaked!! The first time I took them off I was shocked because the inside of the pants was drenched but the outside wasn't. I really like that about them. I highly recommend them

Im glad! 5

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I have used HP for 3 weeks and ive lost 2 inches off my waist! im very happy with HP, it makes me sweat a lot! I hope HP cover a litte higher on the waist so i can loose inches off my abdomen area!

Very Surprise!!! 4

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When I purchased my hot pants, I was not expecting anything at all. Just bought them to give them a try. I am fairly thin, but after 2 pregnancies, I haven't been able to loose unwanted inches from my hips, lower abdomen area. To my biggest surprise, I have had the pants for 10 days now, and have lost inches all over my thighs, hips and lower abdomen. They really do work, I sweat a lot when I exercise with the Hot Pants too. My workout regimen is 5 days a week, walk for 3 miles, and some weight lifting for my upper arms, back, etc...
My only wish is that the pants run a little higher on the waist, so I could loose inches around my abdomen (upper area)

Need different cuts! 4

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I love my hot pants but I wish two things;
1. They had a low waist version
2. They came in extra small as I need a smaller size now!!!

These are Awesome!!! 5

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I got my hot pants 2.5 months ago and have worn them faithfully every time I work out(which is 2-3 times per week) and have lost inches in my waist and thighs. My pants fit so much better and skin feels great.

Unexpected benefits 5

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I wear my hotpants to workout, but also wear them to work during the winter months. I am a person that is always cold and am only comfortable while wearing my hotpants. I expected increased sweat and warmth, but am amazed daily by how soft the hotpants make my skin. I wish I had a zaggora bodysuit!

Secret Weapon! 5

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I have had my hotpants since febrauary and whilst exercising regularly in them and following a sensible diet (slimming world) i have lost 8 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips and 2 inches of back fat and 23 pound! I have always been bottom heavy but sicne having my child 2 years ago (c-section), i have always hated my stomach, but I can see that improving massively and my bum looks far more toned and pert. Im getting lots of compliments from people, even they have noticed the difference. I have recommended them to all my friends and told them that the sweat is worth it!

Nice! 4

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I've worn Hot Pants since January of 2012. I've eaten sensibly, worked out (always wearing the Hot Pants) in different intensities. My weight has fluctuated, HOWEVER... I KNOW I'm losing inches off my thighs/hips/waist, because I continue to be able to wear my old, smaller sized clothing (that I wasn't able to fit in pre-Hot Pants). I may be gaining weight from muscle--but Hot Pants has been working. Honestly, I think the best thing that's come from Hot Pants is cellulite reduction. I noticed a difference before I had lost any weight! My only issue is--they're a pain to get on and off :P

Inches and Pounds lost! 5

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Zaggora Hot Pants are AWESOME! I've lost 2.5 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my bust, and FIVE POUNDS!

Thanks for a GREAT product!

incredible 5

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I bought them and love them soooo much I need a smaller size. I got my sister and bestfriend to buy them too. I was a 14 now a 10!

WOW!!! 5

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I took my two week challenge and I have lost 4 inches off each of my thighs and 2 inches off of my waist and hips. These shorts are nothing short of amazing. I only wear them around the house while doing housework, yardwork, or P90X. The only thing I would want to be improved is the loud noise they make. I would love to wear them to the gym. I am very happy with the product and can't wait to try the new shirts.

Wow! 4 inches in a week! 4

Posted by on
Like many of the other reviews here, I was initially skeptical that these would actually help me lose weight. After wearing them just a week, whilst jogging every day for 20 minutes and eating sensibly, I can't believe I have lost 4 inches from my waist!

I normally eat sensibly and jog every day for 20 minutes, so that isn't new but the HOT PANTS are!

Can't wait to see the upper body products for my arms!

Middle aged mother of 3 (all 3 C-sections) 5

Posted by on
Three breech babies put a toll on my mid-section(not to mention my age now)! I have worn these hot pants for two weeks, with the exception of two days, and I just had to order a smaller size. They got very loose on my thighs and stomach. They have been great and I have only exercised about 4 times since getting.

Don't notice the sweating till taken off and can hardly tell they are on under my jeans.

Great product!

Mother of 2, and happy!! 5

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I just got my hotpants the other day, it took alittle bit for them to get here but the day they arrived I went right to work. I exercise 30-1hr everyday time depending on my availability. I am 22 years old and having 2 kids took a toll on my body. I started at a size 6 and had some cellulite on my legs. The main problem that I was concerned with was my stomach, because im self concious about it. After having it for a week and doing the 30 min work out a day I DEFFINETLY see a difference!! My waist is soooo much smaller and my stomach is too!! Also what I love is the snug fit, it rides all the way up to under my sports bra so it works on your love handles:) I am noticing that the leg part of the pants are getting alot looser and I thk I may have to go from a medium to a small..which sucks cuz the price is so high..I just gotta keep my eye out for groupons. But all the other reviews are right, they make ALOT of noise, and I dont think "breaking them in" will help that, in my opinion. Would really NOT wear them around town! ONLY when I work out! And they are so dry, and dont make you feel uncomforable either! But be aware when you take them off, you will see the effort you put into working out because your drenched in sweat!! Which is a good thing!! I love these and you will too!!

short time- sucess has started 5

Posted by on
I received the pants last week and did do the measuring of hips, thighs & tummy. I also weighed myself. I have lost 3.5 pounds to date but it has only been 5 days and I have not worn them all the time. {We live in Vegas and I just get too hot!} I've been wearing them at least 4 hours a day & with big legs they make noise but I'm used to that. I sometimes wear a pair of loose shorts over top and then you can't hear them. I'm 47 & walk 3 to 5 days per week and do lots of physical work at our business but usually stay the same weight, or within a couple pounds. Sorry, I covered the bright yellow box on the thigh with black magic marker and it has stayed covered so far. {I felt a bit self-conscious.}I may end up ordering a smaller size too if the pounds keep coming off !! Wouldn't bother me a bit!! Thanks ZAGGORA!!

2 inches lost in 3 days!!!!! 5

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I can't say how excited I am to see real results. I just measured my waist and have lost two inches in three days!!!!!

I've never sweat so much in a workout and they do make squeeky noises when you walk, but what this product really is as wonderful as it advertises. The hotpants are really worth the investment!!!!!

Unbelievable! 5

Posted by on
I have remained at the same weight for the past year or so, even though I regularly gym throughout the week (at least three times.)

Having bought the Zaggora hotpants, I have lost half a stone in 2 weeks and my hips are noticeable slimmer. Thats only from 2 weeks.

These are a must buy. I would agree though, that make sure you are careful when you take them off at the gym as you sweat buckets!

Awesome product.

Bye Bye Cellulite! 5

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All I can say is, I was surprised how fast I started seeing a difference in the dimples on my bottom. My skin is getting firmer and tighter! I never thought I would see the day that I would have a tight rear-end, "butt" here I am! (and I wear them when I sleep!!) Thanks-a-million!!

They are awesome!! 5

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I love the Hot Pants and you do not even realize you are sweating under them until you take them off. A quick suggestion...I would like to see these offered in an Extra Small size.

Thanks for a wonderful, well made product.

Sweat loads, slim loads! 5

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I am really impressed with mine, in 2 weeks I have lost 2inches of each thigh and just over 1/2 a stone while wearing to the gym. I have been the same weight for months and have been exercising with no change until I got these on :D.
Only down side: when you take these off in the gym try to do it in a private area as it can be a little grim!

Sweat, shed, slim! 5

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I sweat a lot as is on my own but these hotpants takes my sweating to an all time new level! I started wearing the hotpants about 2 weeks ago and already noticed a change in how my jeans fit. I am shedding weight in all the right places and look forward to slimming back down to my pre-childbirth (x3)figure.

I've always had cellulite! 5

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I was skeptical, just like the others. Yet just wearing these shorts and flares to the gym when I work out has made a dramatic difference. I have less cellulite now than when I was swimming 2 hrs/day and 5 days a week as the captain of my highschool swim team!! I can't wait until the shirt comes out!

Awesome Product 5

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I initially was skeptical about the product. After trying it, I'm a firm believer. I'm addicted to these hot pants. I just bought the pants and the capris. My belly is shrinking just by wearing them at night. I wonder what would happen if I actually worked out?!

Fast delivery, can't wait for the two weeks to be up! 4

Posted by on
I just received my Hot Pants in the post today, exactly a week after delivery. So happy about this fast delivery, as I am so excited to try them!
Have taken down my weight and measurements, can't wait to get started!
Will leave another review with my progress...

Zaggora is Truth In Advertising!!!! 5

Posted by on
This morning I couldn't wait any longer to take my measurements after using my HotPants for 10 days. I was THRILLLLLLEEEEEDDDDD! My waist was down 1.25 inches; my hips down 1 inch, my right thigh .75 inch and my left thigh .5 inch. Love my HotPants! I wish there was a "hot top" to go with it to attack my bust & back . I had several people at work last week tell me I looked slimmer...maybe I really was?!?

I'm In Shock!!!! 5

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My husband purchased the Hot Pants for me and I'm in shock!!!! I've had them for about 2 months and I've lost so much weight. I'm starting to see the muscles in my tummy and I'm finally starting to loose my love handles!! I need a smaller size already!!!!! I love these pants and recommend them for ANYONE who is trying to loose weight!!

YAY!!! 5

Posted by on
After the two week challenge I lost 4.5 pounds, 1in under my boobs, half an inch on my hips, and THREE inches in my tummy!!!! I wear them to every gym workout and every day to school. The only time I didn't wear them was on the weekends when I washed them and let them dry. I'm super happy with my results and after I lose a little bit more and can afford a smaller size, I will be buying them, because these ones are already too big!!

Need a size smaller now :) 5

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Love my Hot Pants! Have had them for a month and now will be ordering a size smaller! My only complaint is they are noisy when your legs rub together. But a small sacrifice for these wonderful pants!!

Practical Use 4

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Although I did need to lose weight (and inches) my real motivation for buying my hotpants was far less interesting. I had SPD from my pregnancy and I was missing running. Unfortunately whenever I ran the cold and physical act made my hips very painful.

I bought the Hot Pants as I thought the nature of the design might support my hips more (so prevent them from slipping in the joints) and also would keep me warm.

I was not dissapointed and I really noticed how much safer a run felt wearing my Hot Pants. I wasn't in pain afterwards. It was great.

I then started wearing them under my jeans on my scoot to work.

I lost weight (43lbs since January) and inches (gone from a size 16 to a 12) and now my Hot Pants are too baggy. As soon as I can afford another pair I will be investing all over again.

Totally convinced! 5

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The first pair I ordered got lost in the mail so they shipped me another pair and I started wearing them immediately. I wore them to work the first day but they were so loud I did not wear them to work again. Instead I wore them for every workout I've completed for the last two weeks. I am down 6 lbs., I've lost 2 inches in my waist, and 1.5 inches in both my hips and thighs. I'm also down a pants size.
Last night I worked out with them while I jogged a mile and a half and I had sweat dripping down into my shoes. Awesome awesome product. I'm ready to order my next pair!

woooohoooooo 5

Posted by on
I completed the 2 week challenge and the results are as follows
Initial Measurments
waist 35" hips 43" Top of thigh 25"

week 1
waist 34" hips 42" Top of thigh 21"

Week 2
waist 31.5" hips 39.5" Top of thigh 21"

so thats
3.5 inches of my waist and hips
3 inches of my thigh,

I have gone down 1 size in my work trousers and just bought yet another pair of flares but a smaller size as my originals no longer feel tight enough, my mum bought them, best friend, niece and 3 work friends.

so as you can tell I love them


My 2 week challenge! 5

Posted by on
I have been faithfully wearing my HotPants everyday - wear them to the gym and for my Zumba classes. In the beginning I found them uncomfortable but now, I don't even realise that I have them on!!! Amazingly comfortable! Love them. Started out with 140 lbs but this morning realised that I am 137 lbs - my target is to reach 130 by the end of this month. I know I can do it. People have commented that I have lost weight and that I look good for my age (46) - tummy area has gone down - I am more comfortable with my body now than I was before. I noticed that my abs too are tightening. My biggest support is my children. My son faithfully exercises and watches what he eats - he is my inspiration and watching him, pushes me to push myself. My daughter is my cheering squad. Always complimenting me on how good I look in my HotPants. See me has also inspired my friends and family to join and like HotPants. Thank you for giving me the chance HotPants. I am not sure how I found you but I am extremely happy with this relationship :)

first day worn,already awesome 5

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I wore my Zaggora flares for the first time today.
I live in Canada and run outdoors.It can get very cold in the winter and I usually have to wear layers.
I wore only the Zaggora flares and was toasty warm.
I love the fit of the flares. Awesome !

Inches Melting Away 5

Posted by on
I have had my hot pants for months...but just started wearing them regulary two weeks ago. I walk 2-3 miles/4-5 days a week. I have lost 4 inches around the tummy, 3 inches around the bum, and 2 inches off each thigh. They are amazing, if you wear them! LOL

They are a great addition to my workout. Now, if you could just make arm sleeves or a shirt...I would be a happy campr.

2 Week Challenge 4

Posted by on
I took the 2 week challenge and I must say I was a bit skeptical about it at first. I haven't lost any weight from wearing these which is a bit of a bummer, considering i've limited my calories down to 1200 and do the 30 day shred dvd everyday (google it) HOWEVER i have lost inches.

Waist: 31" - 29.5"
Bellybutton: 35.5" - 33.5"
Hips: 37" - 36"
Thighs: 24.5" - 24"

I'm going to keep at them, but I would like to see some weight loss

I recommended Hot Pants to all my family and friends! 4

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I am 23 years old. I am pretty active person. I go to the gym 4-5 days week and play on a indoor soccer team on the weekends. The gym for me consist of 30-45 minutes of free wieght training and 45 minutes of cardio. I am a picky eater so I don't always eat whats best for me but I try to stay under 1400 calories day. One day a week I stay under 2000 calories. But I try not to reward myself with food. I get a massage or a pedicure. I have always been a bigger girl. I'm 5'11 and have weighed about 190 the past few years. According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) at 5'11 190lbs is over weight.

I got my Hot Pants at the end of November. It is January 29th and I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months with Hot Pants. I weigh 170lbs now. Which is considered a normal body weight for my height according to BMI.

I went from a size 14 to a size 10. I have more of a hour glass figure now. My legs are smooth and have shape. The only life style change I made was wearing my Hot Pants. I wear them to the gym, when I play soccer and sometimes to bed. The Pants gave me that extra push I needed. They are a little hard to move around in so they made me work harder when I work out. The sweating is no joke. I put a towel to sit on in may car because my butt was so wet with sweat. My panties are dripping by the time I get home to change. But to me that's a sign that I worked hard.

I read other reviews and was recommended to buy 2 pairs and I'm so glad I did. They take about a day to air dry. I bought 2 larges and they are a little big on me now. I would reccomend buying 2 pairs in your size and maybe another in the next size down because they do take awhile to ship.

They only down falls for me are they are loud. They make a swishing sound. But I can live with that. It is just hard to wear them under clothes cause they make a noise like you are wearing a diaper. I don't care for the large yellow HOT PANTS stamp on the left thigh. Only because I dont own alot of yellow and most of my work out tops do not match. These are the only reasons I didn'y give them 5 starts.

I saw all the new products and I am looking forward to ordering the new flares. Its cold here in the winter and those would be great for when I walk the dog or any outside activities.


Pounds 5

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I lost 50 pounds in just 2 months!!

I just walked around and had sex with my husband with was also a workout hehe

Best pants ever

Already Working 3

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I ordered my hotpants on january 8th and i received them today, january 23rd. As soon as i got them i out them on, at noon. I wore them around the house, not much moving around until 3pm. I had already felt them working, i was sweating a lot.

Then i wore them to work from 3-6pm, i work at a daycare centre, so there is lots of movement there. I definitely also recommend carrying an extra pair of panties with you, i sweating. When i got home, i took them off and i was soaked, i could also feel that my skin was definitely smoother.

I took my measurements and before pictures and i cant wait until i check again in 2 weeks. I will make sure i post everything on here, so you all know that this really works or doesn't work...

I plan on wearing them to work everyday, so 3 hours a day and also at night, 8 or 9 hours, so a total of 11 or 12 hours. i dont plan on doing anymore exercise then i do now, which is just walking to work, which is 20 minutes total and i don't plan on changing my eating habits.


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I LOVE THEM. I got mines about 2 months ago and lost 25-30 pounds (I work out 3-5 times a week for an hour - 2 hours every work out session) THANK YOU . Best pants I ever invested in!

They work! 4

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I have only been wearing my hot pants for 3 days and I have already lost weight in my thighs and waist. I didn't measure - but my pants are super baggy in the legs and waist, now. Hoping to get into my skinny jeans by Spring!!

By the way, I started out at a size 6-8 when wearing these pants and I can already get into my size 4's! Plus, my stomach looks flatter.

Pros: They actually work!! Plus, my skin is baby soft and they are pretty comfortable to wear.

Cons: It's hard to wear them under skirts because they are pretty noisy. The fabric feels sort of like scuba-wear and they *swish* with each step.

LOVE them!! 5

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I recieved my hotpants about a month ago. I wear them only when I workout, which is 3-4 times a week for about an hour or so. I've lost inches in my waist and hips! I did not measure but I know I've lost inches becuase I now fit in jeans I haven't been able to fit in years! Also, I didn't not change my diet in anyway! These pants are worth the money! They also make your skin very soft, added bonus. GET READY TO SWEAT YOUR BUNS OFF!!!

Brilliant 5

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i would highly advise these pants to any one they are great and really do work!

Squishy Pants really work!!! 5

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I was very skecptical of trying these pants, but in all honesty I can not believe that they truly make me sweat-something I rarely do, no matter what the workout is---and my skin is soo soft!

Fantastic 5

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I am always sceptical about products that say they can work miracles, however, I have been wearing the HotPants for just over 2 weeks (not every day) while running and going to the gym and… what a difference they have made to my legs! I can’t stop feeling how smooth they are, taking away cellulite too. I have lost just over an inch from my thighs and 4 and a half inches from my midriff! My mam is now investing in a pair!

Best hot pants ever 5

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Iam sooo much in love with my hotpants! Works great!

I actuallyyy like tooooo order à extra small size , but unfortunately
U guys dont have that! I really hope in future they will

Happy with My purchase 5

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OK I noticed the difference the first Day. Yes they are a bit noisy but who cares !!!!! Certainly not me, This product is the first real life product that actually does what it promises. Thank you to who ever invented this product. I thank God for you.

Cool Product! 4

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I have used my Hot Pants several times. I haven't worn them in true "two week challenge" fashion, but I do sport them when I run from time to time. They definitely make you sweat A LOT. You'll feel cool and comfortable the whole time, just do not forget to bring an extra pair of panties. I've had to walk home from the gym commando a time or two.

The reason I give four stars is because of the giant neon yellow "HOTPANTS" logo on the front of the shorts. It looks a little silly, but I understand why they did it from a branding standpoint. Also the pants took almost a month to arrive. The people at customer service were very friendly and helpful though, so it was fine when they did finally make it to me.

Give them a shot. I'm sure you'll be a fan!

I just ordered a pair of the flares and I'm excited to have a longer pair for cooler, outdoor running.

They're here! 3

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3 weeks after I placed the order my Hot Pants have a arrived and I'm super excited! I slipped them on under my jeans in the restroom at work and so far so good.

I was wondering where the sweat would go (hoped it wouldn't drip out the bottom of my pant leg) but now I realize it is being absorbed by the Hot Pant:)

I still need to take my baseline measurements so I can track progress. I'll keep you posted!

BTW I NEVER comment on posts but these reviews have been so helpful and inspiring I feel compelled to give back.

buy a size down 3

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if you are estimating for size, buy one size down. I was hesitant to buy too small. The sizing chart is accurate but since the shorts should fit snug, I would have been better to buy one size smaller.

Got my 2nd pair of hotpants today 4

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Bought my first pair of Hotpants in October. Even though the jury is still out, I just got my second pair in January 2012!

Reviews are absolutely accurate, about the huge amount of perspiration it generates. I wear it to my kickboxing and aerobics sessions, and am completely soaked by the end of class.

My weight has remained fairly stable, at 55kg - I am 1.65m. But I figure that with the festive season and all that eating and drinking, that's not too bad. That's why I decided to buy another pair, so I can wear it to the gym every morning, as well.

no doubt 5

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The day after tomorrow I have my hot pants for two weeks. Now I lost over 10 cm on hips, waist and legs. I use Weight Watchers too, to lose weight, but it is obvious that this only has to do with the Hot Pants. I wore them at least 22 hours a day untill now. Tomorrow I have to go back to work and I will wear them less but at least every evening and night.

Reviews! 5

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Great to see so many reviews, quantity more useful than quality. I found the results at www.facebook.com/myhotpants more informative and longer and you can ask users directly there experiences

Lives up to the claims! 5

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First, I'll agree with others in that it took quite some time to receive my hot pants - 3-4 weeks. However, once I received them, I couldn't wait to try them out! So quick to rush into my 2 week challenge, I did not even take my measurements. I did check my weight daily. The results were amazing just be seeing and feeling the difference. In the first week alone, I lost 3.5 pounds. I did minimal exercise - took a 20 minute walk twice that week and then wore the hot pants to do housework. I could tell my body was slimming down. Its been 4 weeks since I started the 2 week challenge and I've kept the weight off even going through the holidays and my birthday (didn't resist cake or sweets during the challenge either!)I should point out that I am nursing my 6 month old son, so not sure if this boosted losing weight so quickly. After the 2 weeks, I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans without feeling like a stuffed potato. My thighs are much smaller and my husband noticed that my pants fit looser. I will try again in this new year as I begin a workout program and report back how the second challenge goes.

lost 6 pounds in 5 days! 5

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OVERALL: Day 9...I'm 5'1, 25 yrs, started at 129.5 lb. I've been wearing my hot pants during the day and to the gym, but not to bed. They keep me warm throughout the day and a little moist on legs & bum cheeks but not terribly sweaty. I'm at the gym 4 days a week & I usually do 40 min of high intensity cardio (eliptical or stair master), then 15-20 min weights. I've been eating a little less and keeping my calorie intake at about 1100-1500/day. I purchased 3 pairs of shorts so I could wear them all the time however they get uncomfortable at night. For washing, I throw them in the bath tub when I'm home from the gym and give them a rince with regular Dove hand soap and then completely rinse it out. I squeeze the water out and then hang them to dry in the washroom. They are dry & ready to wear in about 14 hours. I'm very happy with this product & have recommended it to friends.

PROS: Skin is soft and smooth to the touch. My cellulite on back of legs & bum has decreased dramatically and my fiance & family noticed! Lower tummy is flatter and has a nicer shape. My muffin top love handles have also decreased. I naturally have thick legs so losing inches on my theighs has made me look noticably thinner. I lost 6 pounds in 5 days... and then I started eating a little more and my weight loss stopped. Not the pants fault, I just need to stop being a piggy. They fit perfectly, & are comfortable.

CONS: while at the gym, the shorts make me super sweaty and sweat is trapped inside the shorts... but it escapes through the seams. It sometimes looks like you've peed yourself as the sweat posts on your pants (I wear pants over my shorts). I recommend wearing a long t-shirt.

I WISH: The shorts were about 3-4 inches longer on top to cover my whole stomach. I feel like my upper stomach is going to remain fatty. Hopefully Zaggora incorporates this into their new products.

Superrr 5

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I've only got my hotpants for 4 days and already I've lost a inch in my waist. And for now I'm only having them on while I'm home or at work. So I'm really happy it works...!!

Excellent purchase 5

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With in 2 weeks i have lost a dress size.

Excellent service 5

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I have ordered my hot pants and unfortunately it got lost in the post. After informing customer service I had not received my hot pants they organized to resend it. I am extremely happy with the service!!! Thank you very much. I am so excited to start using my hot pants!!!


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i received my Hotpants today, exactly 14 days after i placed my order. And i am in Malaysia. Very fast delivery. Good job!!

Just what the doctor ordered 5

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My doctor told me that I was obese and that my blood pressure extremely high. I managed to lose 2 and a half stones before I got my HotPants in October. Although I do not appear to have lost any more weight, my fitness instructors tell me that I look leaner since working out in my Hotpants. In fact everyone is telling me that I look leaner. Other members of the gym have asked me about my HotPants.

results? 3

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Does anyone talk about actual results over a period of time? All these people say is I just got my Hotpants and I can't wait to try the 2 week challenge. Some say they will post the results but I haven't seen any. I want to know how the product worked for them.

Starting again... again 3

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I tried the 2 week challenge a few months ago and saw no affect whatsoever. However, so many people cannot be wrong so i'm going to give it another go... I will wear them to workout at least 3 times a week, overnight and just 'in general' for at least 30 mins a day... Lets see

Just getting started! 5

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I just got my Hot Pants, and am wearing them for the first time today. I am a hip size 18-20 and they fit very well. I didn't have to struggle too much to pull them up. They are snug, but not too tight. I really like the support they give, and can't wait to post that I am losing inches! The main reason I posted today was to help those who are considering Hot Pants figure what size to buy. If you are trying to chose between sizes, I think you won't go wrong going smaller. Might be a bit harder to pull up, but will fit better as you lose those inches!

awesome 5

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Already after a month I need a new size. I am down from a size 14 to a size 12 or a large size 10. You need to work out with them though they make you sweat and have helped increase my weight loss.

Excellent customer service 5

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My Hotpants took a bit longer than I expected so I contacted customer service. They were very prompt and answered all of my questions. My Hotpants arrived shortly after speaking with customer service. I started wearing them one week ago today. Took my waist measurement prior to wearing the pants. Will see what my results are next Friday. Already I see an improvement in my skin elasticity and tone. I wear them to work every day and walk /jog on my treadmill daily while wearing them. Sweat a great deal all day...especially while on the treadmill. Ordered an XL but have lots of room in them. A Large would have been fine. Thanks to Groupon I was able to order the large this morning. Good to have 2 pair....will have a second pair while the other is being washed and drying. Can't wait to get the size large!!!

Exceptional! 4

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okay i know some people have said they were sceptical in the begining about hotpants but then
changed their minds when it started working for them. I must admit I thought everyone who wrote great reviews about the product where either being paid to do so or connected to the product in one way or the other.

I got my hotpants in early december and immediately decided to wear it to bed that day. I ordered a size L but in actual fatc I should have taken M, L is a little too big for me but I kept it none the less. Wearing it at night time was uncomfortable in my experience and i must admit that i didnt sweat at all...hence why I immediately thought..gosh what a load of rubbish until, YES I said until..i decided to join the gym today and wore it to spin class. after the class i was thinking why is there no sweat dripping from my legs..right I have just ordered myself a load of rubbish..until I got to the locker room and pulled it off...I was surprisingly chocked by the amount of SWEAT that clung to the hotpants without it soaking to the outside, hence why i didnt think it worked. Thank you Zaggora for this great product......thank you, thank you, thank you.

Disadvantages, it squishes alot when you walk and the hot pants sysmbol is appauling..upside is you can fold that bit but it is the non stop squishing that gets to me.

Hot pant ideal pour les sorties skis 4

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J'ai recu mon hot pant il y a 15j quand la saison de ski a commence, je l'ai mit comme sous vetement et j'ai fait mes sessions skating, telemark, rando a ski avec et c'est genial, les cuisses sont au chaud meme avec la transpiration aucune sensation de froid et super efficacite car les muscles sont au chaud et cela ameliore la performance!
Je vais en prendre un second pour l'utiliser + encore!

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